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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Rentals in Review

Join me in welcoming this week's tenant Dawn of Reflections in the Mirror! whose rental will roll over into the New Year, so she will have the distinction of being my first tenant of 2006.

When BlogExplosion instituted its Rent My Blog advertising program I wasn't quite sure how it was going to work out. I mean, would anyone want to rent my blogs or would anyone rent me a space on their blog?

New to the idea of blogging it all was precious, startlingly new and maybe even a little scary for me. But nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I've since relaxed and take things less seriously, but I do want to acknowledge my renters past and present in order of appearance:

Mike of Ramblings and Rhetoric started me off with a bang. He was followed two days later by Jeremy Shipp of Haunted House Dressing, then by sizlintune who in his own words is a husband - DJ - computer geek. A repeat rental by Jeremy Shipp's Haunted House Dressing and I was in the hizzouse!

LittleDarkRaven's Sin's Fate, rubydiamond80's Ho Hum What?, chatteress' Meeting people online, Vicki9170's A Little of This, A Little of That,republico's the republico journal, oheresy's Ripper Hollow, Nameless' Free to Ramble and most recently websavvy of WeddingsInABox - Visual planning blog!

So there you have it...my renters of 2005. Please take a moment to visit them and don't forget to tell them that Dee sent you!

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