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Friday, December 02, 2005

Guess What?

Would you believe it! I’m a reviewer! And it’s all your fault! Yes, you…your fault. It all began when you made your first comment, then the next. Then I made a response. I wasn’t sure if that was appropriate or where to make it, but I tried it anyway and to make sure you would find it, I put it on both our blogs...

Then you replied again, and I did too.

Next day, I checked out your blog, and you checked out mine as well. Then I checked out your blogroll, and it seemed you checked out mine as well, and before you know it. We were communicating!

You understood and responded when I was sad or glad
And you told me it was alright to be mad
Now I’m sure it’s not a fad,
And I realize the power to be had
By speaking from the heart
Whether I feel sad, mad, or glad

You read about my dad
Who was a total cad
You read about my ex
you pitied the lad
and told me not to be sad
record my thoughts
with pen and pad
An look now I am rad
An exclusive reviewer
That’s not too bad!

Is it?

Pardon my impromptu rhyme, but it came upon a dime and unfortunately it takes time, to eradicated from my mind.

However, notwithstanding same, I’ll introduce Blog for Books by Mind and Media. The program is geared to mesh those who love to read with those who need to be read and garners publicity for the authors, as well as FREE books for the reviewers (as long as the review is done in a timely fashion). For more information on how to become a reviewer click here:

Thanks for your encouragement, I couldn’t have done it without you!

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