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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Carnival Day Is Here Again

A West Indian by birth, the word Carnival brings to mind three days of non-stop calypso music, steel pan competitions, bright skimpy costumes, gyrating bodies and sleepless nights.

However, in this instance, although you will encounter colorful thoughts, rhymthic prose and lyrical descriptions, the urge to shout, "Get a room already!" Will be markedly absent.


Because this carnival displays the beauty of excellence in writing as told by women of beauty--Christian women.

  • Women who have a testimony.
  • Women who have overcome some trials and tribulations and as such their work is imbued with power and authority.

I believe of all the pieces I've written in the year 2005, Compassion: God's Introduction exemplifies most highly the beauty of excellence in writing.

Not because it's pretty, not because there's a happy ending, not because it's mine...lol, but because there's a certain beauty to be found in the naked truth.

Ugly as it may be, it cuts through all pretension to get to the heart of the matter--LOVE. Without it, we might as well pack up our things and leave now because everything we do, is a waste of time.

Please visit the carnival to read works excellent in their beauty by fellow bloggers.



Divine Calm said...

What a beautiful pic.

tan247 said...

I'm a 1st time visiter to your blog and I just wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed reading your posts.