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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Dear Dad

At the age of seventeen, Father’s Day became a mockery to me and my faith in my Heavenly Father took a serious beating. Almost twenty-six years later, I’ve learned not to see Him with eyes handicapped with biological and situational limitations, but with the spiritual eyes that reflect the brand/receipt of His DNA.

With them, I can see that He’s all that AND a bag of chips! (Y’all know I love food.. lol). He’s enabled me to understand that He despises my act(ions) that go against His word, not me. He’s taught me that the measure of forgiveness I receive is in direct correlation to the measure I mete out. He’s enlightened me with the knowledge that forgiveness is a gift I give myself.

But most of all… He’s always embodied love… even unto death. So when He says the character of love, His character, is quick to forgive, doesn’t hold a grudge, is not puffed up, hopes all things, bears all things, and never ends… He means it and with His help… so now… can I.

This year for Father’s Day, it was my intent to “reframe” the memory/experience by compiling a list of the positive things I inherited, learned or appreciated… dare I even say loved about my Dad. Didn’t quite get to that list as yet, but I believe that this piece is a great precursor.

Hope it is a help to someone out there who’s been where I’ve been.


Dear Dad,

Today has been a long time coming
I had to work my way back to loving
back to the me I was becoming
before i woke to the rhythm
of your unsanctioned touch

I was…
free to love unabashedly
trust was second nature to me

I believed…
the world was my oyster
as long as you were in my corner

I lost…
that day… both you and me
your touch reshaped my reality

I became…
no more than a statistic
a dropout with dreams unrealistic

I finally…
reconciled with Dee
my Heavenly Father rescued me

I hope…
you repented before you died
even whilst my soul still cried

I forgive…
you for hurting me
for deserting me

I love you DAD