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Friday, November 04, 2016

Vacation to Graceland by Phillip Cornell

Dee411 welcomes Phillip Cornell, author of Vacation to Graceland. Here are a few words about his writing process and style:

The Zone

The way I feel while I write is unparalleled. I have a feeling of weightlessness while I write away in my notebook. If anyone ask how I describe the feeling, I say I am in the zone. The zone is something you really cannot put a value on. There are times I write, just to be in the zone. Other times I cannot reach it, even if I am in the most relaxed state. I will say, most of my entertaining writings are products of the zone. I can see the picture I am describing, and where I am going with the piece I am working on. I do not want to say I get a high, but I definitely feel free. Real life can be just flat out depressing. If you as a person allow it to bring you down, then you are doomed to live a depressing life. I use writing as an outlet. With writing comes the zone! I do not care if I reach the zone once a week, as long as I get to experience it. The zone is therapeutic for my daily, weekly, and monthly experiences.