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Friday, December 30, 2005

Reflection: Noteworthy Accomplishments of 2005

There's so much I want to accomplish in this life that my schedule is always overbooked, which at times results in feeling overwhelmed, a sense of frustration, a bit of self castigation and most of the time--self doubt.

One of my goals for this past year was to trust God more and live in the present. Looking at my improved sense of self-worth and mental stability, I believe I accomplished that goal.

So with nary a "shoulda, coulda, woulda" thought (in no particular order) I pridefully yet humbly present my noteworthy accomplishments for 2005!
  • A new mini bio:

    D.S. White Her motto: I am who I am by the grace of God A strong black woman, Dee has realized forgiveness is essential to achieve the peace she has sought all her life. She has come to terms with the angst of her birth and realizes even her name has purpose in God's eyes. She's real enough to admit that some of her limitations in life were self-induced. She's not ashamed to admit she's not perfect, and at times may need to be lovingly reminded that "it's not about you!" But she prays she will always surround herself with people who will hold her accountable to the need to have and show compassion.
  • Participation in NaNoWriMo in November 2005. Although I did not win (complete 50,000 words), I got almost halfway there with a total of 23,000 words which is approximately 77 pages! This from a woman who in November of 2004 could not conceive of participating.
  • Blogging - More of a discovery than an accomplishment, but listed here because it facilitated my confidence to participate in NaNoWriMo. It also served as a tool to make new friends all over the world. With it I was able to reconnect with friends here in the US of A and my family in Trinidad. Its semi-anonymous feel, aided my quest to be a voice in bringing a few key issues to the forefront and last but not least an open platform to share my testimony.
  • At the request of a homie I met on BP (see, it does have redemptive qualities…LOL). I realized another gift I didn’t even know I had--songwriting! In an awesome marriage of two of my gifts, (writing and singing), I penned my very first lyrics “Believe in Me”. Now those of you, who know my story, will realize that these lyrics are directed at myself as much as to anyone else who has ever doubted the validity of God’s Love or their worth as a person.

    Curious? *Click here to listen to a rough version (and I mean rough, because it was recorded at the tail end of an all-nighter in the studio).
  • Publication of one of my short stories/articles, “Choices: To Do or Not to Do…The Ex” in the relationship section on SisterDivas Magazine Website.
  • Obtaining an awesome Christian Editor, who resides in Canada, but with the aid of the internet and USPS we make it work! Don’t you just love technology!
  • Official start of planned monthly mother/daughter activities for my daughter and I. To think, at twenty, she still wants to hang out with her moms! I must have done something right!
  • Creation and successful maintenance of six individual blogs and one compilation of all my blogs.

P.S. I’ll probably add more as I think of them, but these are those that have come to mind, thus far.

*NOTE: For safety purposes, this preview link will be removed shortly, so get your listen on ASAP.


angela said...

Hi Dee,
Just dropping by to say I love the look of your new blog. You inspire me to be more, do more in 2006. God bless.


Dee said...

Hi Angela,

Glad you dropped by to share your vote of confidence.

I'll be praying for your successes in 2006.

That's right, (es)successes.