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Sunday, July 17, 2005


An admitted websurfing junkie and collector of information, this is the area that makes all that time spent surfing worthwhile for others beside myself. As I mentioned earlier in the Contributors section, although we are not confined or defined by our experiences, they do however serve to shape us into the people we become.

Having suffered from a lack of knowledge, part of my gift to anyone who would care to avail themselves of it, is the provision of resources and helplines for women and teens in precarious situations. If you know of any or are one yourself, please choose you and break the cycle or pass on the information to someone who needs it.

Later on will come the listing of beauty salons, book stores and the like...

  • Abuse/Domestic Violence/Mental Health/Rape/Suicide (Alphabetized Listings)

  • Abuse/Domestic Violence/Mental Health/Rape/Suicide (Categorized Listings)

  • Assist Katrina Victims

  • Dealing With Death
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