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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Un-Churched Black Men, Part II, or, Where the Men at in the Churches? Part II

Nation of Islam and Christianity

Well, I tried to stay away from this particular topic for a minute, but hey, it’s another Saturday night, and I ain’t got nobody (I think she's out with her Hula Hoop again)…LOLOLOLOL!

Once again, just a thought provoking post. I am NOT the chief representative for “Black Men of BSC”, or black men period. If you find a “Sauktoid” that is false, or not true, please feel free to correct it. I’m not perfect. . .. matter of fact, I tried to walk across a puddle of rainwater yesterday. . .and got my socks wet!

This post is done in "love". . .not meant to hurt anyone. . . so if you have a problem with it, let's sit down and discuss it.

Over ten years ago, as an Ordained Itinerant Deacon in the AME church, I had the privilege of working in a “Sho Nuff Urban Community Church”, in North East Atlanta. The church owned property in the inner city. However, due to the lackadaisical attitudes of the prior Church Officers, they ran their property into the ground. You could tell at one time, the boarded up homes, were well kept and pristine. Not anymore. On a hot summer day, you could smell the stench of drugs, “human waste”, and filth, right in the church parking lot.

At night, even during evening services, you could see cars pulling up to the homes, folks walking in and out, loud music playing, gun shots, pit bulls, etc., etc. Well, us young “Church” folks just gunna do something about it, and stand up for the community. The Atlanta Police Department’s notorious Anti-Everything Officers known as “The Red Dog Unit”, helped us to shut down the crooks, hoodlums, rapscallions, “dregs of the earth”, villains, and hoodrats! We swept the “broken pipes”, copper mesh filters, used needles. . .hosed the buildings down (inside and outside).

Finally, we were able to re-vitalize the houses, and use them for three low income family. Happy ending right?!?!? WRONG!!!! As I’ve grown older, I thought to myself one day. Self, and he responded in a ghetto Arnold Schwarzenegger kinda voice “Huh?” I said, we cleaned up the homes, but what about the people? Surely, unless they got some kinda help, either they perished, or they are still addicted!

What about the woman, who would sell her baby for a hit?
What about the man, who takes his entire paycheck to “Diamond Dog” for his hit?
What about the girl, who is pregnant for the 3rd time, 19 yrs old, and has a Crack Dealer as her baby daddy?
What about the boy, who is the crack dealer, who believes the only way to survive, is to become the “beast of the streets”?

In steps. . . the topic for discussion. . .. the Nation of Islam and the “Church”.

To Be Continued. . .


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Miladysa said...

You have to treat the disease not just the symptoms.

Miladysa said...

You have to treat the disease not just the symptoms

angela said...

Hi Dee,
Nice post as always. How many people really think of rehabilitating the "dregs"? All we care about is getting them out of our pristine lives.

Rose said...

I have no problems with what you are saying. It becomes so frustrating when you put your all into changing a community for the better and the people are not willing to change. I am reminded that at least one person becoming the best they can be and making progress is better than nothing.....there are some who want to change and are willing to accept the help...and grow...