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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

It's a Wrap!

Hello Folks,

Just a brief note to share the great news that all deadlines have been met and project AIJAN for Lulu Blooker Award 2006 is a wrap!

Thanks to the gifts, time and talents of the Thomson sisters, Rachel who edited, Becky who did layout (and pulled an all-nighter to boot) and Deborah did the cover you see here.

I don't know when I've been on such a high. Oh wait... I know. The high of hearing my first song combats this a bit. But with this comes the realization of a dream twenty-four years in the making. (Paused to whisper, "Thank You God!")

Although the blook (book based on a blog) won't be officially released until next month, (once I purchase my own ISBN's and set up my publishing press) here is a peek at my first contribution to the literary world.

Celebrate with me:

Hurray! I'm an author! Hurray! I'm an author!



eph2810 said...

Once again congrats my dear friend...
I did posted it on my blog last night :)

Dee said...

Thanks! I noticed in my feed this morning.