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Monday, January 23, 2006

Contest in the Hizzouse!

Alright people,

Since I've now joined the ranks of authorship, I have to do what authors do. Beg, plead, advertise, promote and offer freebies!

That being said...

Here's to our first contest!

Starting as of 1 minute after this post is published until midnight of February 28th. A free copy of Age is Just a Number: Adventures in Online Dating is being offered up for random drawing!

Please send a blank email with "AIJAN Contest" in the subject line to dee411@gmail.com to be entered in the contest.

Here's to the winner in you!


Mel from B.U. said...

hehe, I'm going to send you 10 emails

Mel from B.U. said...

hey, I just got a good idea, emailing you....

Paige Conley said...

Congrats to your new book! I loved how colorful and descriptive your blog was - how easy and insightful to read. Thank you for making your contribution to society and for stretching your wings for the rest of us so we have new heights to reach for. I'm new at blogging, so it's fascinating how different and yet personal each one has been so far. You are the first one I felt compelled to respond to. I just wanted to say 'thank you' and good luck!

Mindie said...

I want one!!!! :( No... I will get one! I am so proud of you Dee! God has given you an amazing gift and your using it! Wooo!

Dee said...

Hey minderz!

Thanks girl... it's such an awesome feeling, especially since the hard copies of the first edition just arrived today!

(I'm busily working on rewrites and additions to make it the best that it can be!)

Till lata,

Lisa said...

Hi Dee,
Congrats to you! I'm soooo jealous :)

You are a part of Writers in the mist, too-just so you know how I found ya ;) And I think you visited my blog a couple of times.

Keep on writing, and I'll try to do the same!

Take care and hope you have much success with your book. Feel free to give me more info (where it can be published etc.) on your book so I can mention it on my blog!


allan said...


I put a link to here in one of my blogs, but there is a catch.

Tag - you are it



eph2810 said...

Really cool idea. Looking forward to met the winner - maybe it is me :)

cynikalone said...

Thanks for excepting me for tenant of the week!

I'll definitely get your book!