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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Rio 2016: Diving and Soccer in Track and Field?

What is up with the soccer slides and straight up diving going on in track and field in the Olympics? 

Allyson Felix, you were robbed. The last time I checked it was running that was happening, not a soccer save. I understand that the strategy of leaning forward into the tape is taught to athletes from the ground up, but where does it end?

Someone sliding to win versus someone running makes me take another look at the idea of sportsmanship and where boundaries were and where they have been allowed to go. Although I am disappointed at the split second choice made by Allyson's competitor, were the rules not constructed the way they are, it would not even have been an option. 

Apparently I'm not the only one disturbed about this phenom, others are also talking about it.

Anyway, I take my hat off to you Allyson for your gracious response and wonderful composure. I don't know if you threw a fit backstage or in the privacy of your room or what, I would have. Your  composure showed character and class. You've got my gold medal! 

Maybe you are going over that race in your head and thinking where you could have or should have done something differently to compensate for the outcome, or maybe you are not. 

If you are, I say absolutely nothing. You ran the race, the way it was supposed to be run...with feet.

Keep your head up and continue to run your race to the end. A good friend of mine, some of you may have heard of Him, says, "the race, is truly not for the swiftest [or the most cunning,] but for those who endure to the end. Your achievements and ethics will continue to stand the test of time.

God bless you and your future endeavors.

And that's my "What is up?" moment for today!


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