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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Excerpt: Discovering the Joy Within

As I share this excerpt from my upcoming novel, Discovering The Joy Within, I think about my personal struggle with domestic abuse, both verbal/mental and physical, and I am so grateful to no longer be in that situation. It is my sincere prayer that if you or someone you know is in a similar situation, that you get OUT! If you or someone you know needs help please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) or visit them online http://www.ndvh.org/.

Together we can end domestic abuse, one page at a time.

Here's an excerpt from Discovering The Joy Within, enjoy.

The more she cried, the more her heart ached. Crouched in the corner with her head tucked between her knees, Jordyn released the inner pain that weighed heavily upon her slumping shoulders. She cried, yelled, pounded her fists against her head, and cried louder praying the tears would cleanse her soul.

“God, why?”

She never thought she’d find herself angry with God again and questioning Him but as she sat there in the darkness, the question refused to be repressed any longer. “WHY?”

All she wanted was to be loved and have a child to hold in her arms. She wanted a baby she could nurse and hold close to her heart. Jordyn longed for restless nights where she’d sit up rocking her little one to sleep, comforting him or her in her arms. She dreamed of hearing first words and seeing her baby take its first steps. It angered her that so many women aborted and abandoned children when she’d suffered not one, but three tragic miscarriages.

First, her twins were born three months early and only survived hours on this earth. God, she hated Carlos. She thought she’d moved beyond that handicap but in that moment she hated him more than she ever had. He took not one, but two babies away from her and never once showed an ounce of remorse.

And then there was Eric, her husband-well, ex-husband. She never even got a chance to tell him she was pregnant. Before she could share that news with him he broke her heart and left her for another.

~ Allyson M. Deese

**NOTE: There is also a resource section here on Dee411 that lists resources for Abuse/Domestic Violence/Mental Health/Rape/Suicide (Categorized Listings or Alphabetized Listings)**

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Rekaya Gibson said...


As I read the excerpt, I felt as though I was in the room with Jordyn. It was beautiful in so many ways. I wish you much success on your journey. Thanks for sharing.

Rekaya Gibson, Author
The Food Temptress