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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Hey Where'd They Go?

The 200 pointers on BlogExplosion.

You leave for a few months and

  • the site gets sold
  • minimum battle total is raised to 25 credits
  • you have to view each blog for 20 seconds; and
  • folks are bidding 200 points a battle for like eight battles in a row!
Then, just when I shake off the shudders at the thought of losing that many credits in one battle and begin to enjoy the rewards: earning 8 credits per vote (do the math 8 x 8 = 48 credits, just for voting! and I only use 25 per battle, so it didn't matter if I won or lost... I was making back my credits and then some, just by voting!)

They disappear ... spoilsports!


cmmdtp said...

I like the 200 pointers...especially if I happen to win one! I also like voting and earning some easy credits.

The high-point battles go really fast.

Dee said...

I kinda like them myself. I liked them so much, I got up the nerve to be one of them.

I lost! :( So I quickly tucked my proverbial tail between my legs and retired from the fray. (I was done for the night!... LOL)