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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Speedy Update

Hi again folks,

Don't think I haven't been missing the daily interaction, I've just been trying to figure out how to grow an extra pair of arms and legs. This authoring business is grand, fantabulous, ego-boosting, larger than life etc. But it is also time-consuming, nervewracking and a bit lonely at times. At least for me anyways. Add to that the addictive nature of the bi-polar and you have someone who eats, talks, sleeps, studies, reads and even prays (sorry God) books!

One of my friends even inquired if I was bloggins elsewhere because she knows I'm such a blog-a-holic and couldn't fathom that I wasn't blogging, which I wasn't at the time, but... just yesterday I was checking out this independent online bookstore that caters to self-published authors when I noticed that they had a new feature!-- You guessed ... blogs! So... Here We Go ... Again.

In addition, the new Dee4111 WP blog has a new face, specially designed for me by my blog buddy, fellow writer, creative genius and honorary soul sister--Jayne D'Arcy. I explained to her what I wanted and she took the ball, ran with it and came up with a slam dunk! I hired someone to convert this theme, but that didn't work out, but I think you'll be happy with the new face of Dee411.

BTW ... I'm iz famous! My face and (body) can now be seen in the Body Love section of CURVES' Spring 2006 issue of Diane Magazine. I'm told this has a distribution of 1.5 million. Waaa hoooo! Tell me dreams don't come true. In my twenties, (some seventy pounds ago) I would have given up much (besides food, housing and clothing i.e.) to have this happen. But God's sense of humor and timing, as always, is right on point. I have more self-appreciation now than I had at twenty-two, in fact my voraiouse goal of seeking after God's heart since the year 2001 has now begun to result in the (" ... all other things will be added unto you" and the "...desires of your heart" part of the scripture). It's all about priorities. God wants our love, our fealty, our worship... not for what He can and will do, but because we acknowledge and give it because of Who He is ... All that we will ever need.

Okay, gotta run ... this lost hour is playing heck with my already erratic sleeping pattern.

Be blessed in all your undertakings!



Spirit J said...

Hi Dee,

Just found your blog, and am enjoying it enough to officially post my enjoyment, and to let you know you've found a reader as far away as New Zealand, i.e. the opposite side of the planet. Gotta love the Internet.

I'm also a minority American, though currently living in NZ. Also in my 40s, a parent, book-lover and occasional writer.

You go, girl! :)

Spirit J

Dee said...

Hey Spirit J,

Thanks for the encouragement. I do, I do so love the internet. I'd love to hear more about NZ, what your favorite books are and what you've written.

Stay in touch!