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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Ten Ways You Can Tell That You’re Shouting Too Much In Church

10. When the Spirit hits you, you pass out on the floor and nobody helps you get up.
9. They change the church service times and tell everybody but You.
8. Your Pastor goes around town looking for a new church for you.
7. You shout during the Announcements. (That's me…lol)
6. The ushers warn people who sit next to you.
5. There`s a pool on what color underwear you have on this Sunday.
4. When you come into the church, the ushers issue you protective pads and a helmet so you won`t hurt yourself again this Sunday.
3. You come to church with pom poms.
2. Forgetting where you are, you start shouting at your daughter`s graduation. (That's me…lol)
1. There`s an announcement that states, "If Sister Thornton knocks off Sister Odell`s hat this Sunday, it`s on!!"

Do you see yourself anywhere in the lineup? Now don't leave me out here by myself! And if you've any to add, please feel free to post.


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11. Your mother makes excuses for you by telling everyone you were dropped on your head as a child!

Hope you're having a blessed day..take care-D